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We are Windsor/Essex’s largest real estate investor network! If you are an investor – or are aspiring to become one – and you want to grow further and faster, in the Windsor/Essex market – then you’re in the right place!

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About the Club

We are HERE to help you make new connections that can lead to future deals, partnerships, and other opportunities. We will help you work through challenges, and build bigger visions for the future, and support you along the way.

Our GOAL is to bring you the information, support, resources and connections that you need to build and optimize your portfolio and to create the life that you desire.

If you have a lot of knowledge already, but you need some accountability to start putting things in action, we’ve got your back. Or, if you need help figuring out where to begin, we can help you gain clarity.

Learning from other people’s challenges and successes can fast-track your progress, and surrounding yourself with other positive, growth-mindset people will help you maintain the energy and motivation to reach your goals.

We look forward to building and growing into the future with you!

Benefits of the Club

It’s free! By signing up, you will get access to our private Facebook Group and first hand knowledge of upcoming events and training courses. Not much to lose and everything to gain if you ask us!


  • 1. FREE - through our interactive bi-weekly TUESDAY TALK SERIES. A FACEBOOK Live discussion where we talk to expert guest and answer YOUR questions Live.
  • 2. PAID - Structured in-person or LIVE online events where we will be diving deep into One Real Estate Investing topic


When allowed once again, we will resume our monthly in-person events at the Business Accelerator Centre in Windsor, until then join our private Facebook Group for our bi-weekly Tuesday Talk Series!


"Your NETWORK is your NET WORTH"
WCIC was founded on the principle that every person can be a part of community with great-minded people from different paths of life, but with the same common goal of investing smarter and living better in Windsor, Ontario


Educate, Learn, and Start Building your long-term personal financial growth to create more opportunities. Knowing the different facets of RE Investing with the help of other local investors, will give you the skills and confidence to go out and do it yourself!

Why Wincity

This is a platform for all aspiring, intermediate, and experienced investors of all asset classes to educate, learn, and build a sense of community with one another.

If you are a REAL ESTATE INVESTOR in Windsor – or are ASPIRING TO BECOME ONE – and you want to grow further faster, then you’re in the right place.

WE are here to help you become a successful real estate investor through proper TRAINING, KNOWLEDGE, and ONLINE EVENTS that we offer.


Don’t just take our word for it. TAKE A TIME TO LISTEN OF WHAT MANY PEOPLE SAY ABOUT US!

These people come from all sorts of backgrounds and experiences, with one in thing in common: a desire to do better and to live life on their own terms.

People who have attended our events had an immense impact in the way they approach and do their work.

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