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Unlike other courses that I’ve taken, it was very practical. I got a lot of good, detailed information from Savio and Ken that I was able to apply to my project immediately.

Joe Morden

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Awesome stuff guys, I attending the session earlier this year with Ken & Savio. Guys if you are really interested in SDU/ADU conversions this is totally worth it 👍 I am adding a back addition in my Windsor house soon. CHEERS GUYS!

Ishan Khobare

This was great! Thank you for sharing it as I missed it last night. You guys are both awesome, and what great nuggets of wisdom from MaryAnne Gillespie! Thanks to you both.

Catherine O'Neill

Well done folks, very productive stream, solid information being presented!

Dharmesh Sharma

Thanks guys! Great info today

Susan Hoo

Thanks guys! Great info today

Ryan Mak

Thanks for this. Very informative

Jason Maynard